Couch To 5k - BEGINNERS & Returner Runners

A positive move out of the door on your road to fitness and achievement

Our next start date is Thursday 6th January 18:30

Join now using the membership form below for full details of when and where!

It's easier than you think and much easier still with support all around you. Starting from the very basics over 9 weeks you'll gain strength and focus to run a 5k, which is just over 3 miles. We've seen hundreds of runners graduate since 2014, literally transforming lives for the better.

We were the first club in Taunton to offer this to the community and have the most experience in ensuring your success.

How do I join?

Easy! Fill out the membership form below and tick the Couch to 5k option. Make sure you read the rules first, they're there for everyone's safety, including your own. Membership is free and needed so we can contact you and let you know joining instructions for the course.

What are the benefits?

  • Feeling a sense of achievement

  • Giving you much more energy, helping you feel ready to take on the day

  • Mindfulness and positive mental heath. Running helps many feel 'present', giving a positive mental break

  • Helping you start or re-start your fitness journey

What can I expect?

  • Our program is realistic - you won't be pushed too far too soon unlike other programs

  • We won't boss you about or blow whistles in your face - we treat you respectfully as adults!

  • We'll coach you through the basics of moving, breathing, strength and stretching

  • You'll have access to a companion App to help keep you on track and stay flexible if you can't attend in person for any reason

  • Once you have graduated, you'll be able to run in partner events such as Parkrun, which like our program is free. There's also the opportunity to run and represent Taunton Running Club in our famous kit!

What do I need to wear?

Trainers, socks, shorts or running leggings, t-shirt, windproof top (for when it's raining), hi-viz.

Sports Direct in town or online do a good range of Karimor clothing, which is great for beginners. Try and avoid any cotton clothing, as this tends to hold onto any moisture and will soon rub during the run.

Our Kitshop also sells breathable t-shirts and vests if you want to look the part.

Rules & Guidelines for Members and Group Leaders

Our rules follow common sense and respect for others at all times. The club reserves the right to remove any membership, at any time where it deems this necessary.

General Rules

  1. Individual runners are responsible for their own safety and runners and should give their full attention to their environment at all times.

  2. No one gets left behind - it's miserable seeing your running group running off out of sight, so to stop this happening we ask that the lead runner 'loops' back round to the back periodically. This way the faster runners actually run further each session (so don't feel guilty about shouting "LOOP!!")

  3. KEEP LEFT - as a club we run only on the left. This is particularly important when running on roads and helps to reduce the relative speed difference between other road users and you. Yes, when running as an individual should be on the right, but as a group you become classed as a slow moving vehicle, so keep to the left.

  4. Music and headphones are strictly banned. There are no exceptions to this rule ever. Running in a group requires full awareness at all times of the environment around you and the safety of other runners around you. No matter how confident you are, or whether you run with music when you run alone outside the club.

  5. Hi-viz (reflective) must be worn when running in the dusk or dark. This is particularly important in the darker months of the year. We also highly encourage running with front and rear lights.

  6. Social Media we have a Facebook group page where our members can have a great time sharing club related posts. However, when posting or commenting, please be aware of the sensitivity of others. We will not tolerate any of the following: Trolls, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Disability Discrimination etc.

Privacy Policy (how we process your data):

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