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Taunton Running Club welcomes runners of all abilities to join our free running club. We cater for all abilities from those just starting out, to regular runners. Sign up below!

Benefits of joining us

  • Free Membership: There are no charges. We believe that running should be free to all

  • TRC is a family friendly club - well behaved children and pets are welcome to run with their parents or a designated responsible person

  • Flexibility: Outside of Covid, the club meets four times a week. You're welcome to attend as many or few of these as suits your schedule and health and fitness needs.

  • Fun and Socials: Have some great downtime with like-minded local people. Over the years many, many great friendships have been formed. We try not to take things too seriously!

  • Couch to 5k: Once we can do so safely, you can join our long-established Couch to 5k program. All graduates receive a certificate and a guaranteed huge grin of achievement. Many of our club members have started running through this program.

  • Being Part of Our Team: Feeling part of something bigger that you can share with new friends can be a real confidence booster!

Privacy Policy (how we process your data):

Rules & Guidelines for Members and Group Leaders

Since it's inception in 2014, we have been fiercely independent and mostly we all get along well and run for fun. However, there are a few basics that we ask you to follow. Our rules follow common sense and respect for others at all times. The club reserves the right to remove any membership, at any time where it deems this necessary.

General Rules

  1. Individual runners are responsible for their own safety and runners and should give their full attention to their environment at all times.

  2. No one gets left behind - it's miserable seeing your running group running off out of sight, so to stop this happening we ask that the lead runner 'loops' back round to the back periodically. This way the faster runners actually run further each session (so don't feel guilty about shouting "LOOP!!")

  3. KEEP LEFT - as a club we run only on the left. This is particularly important when running on roads and helps to reduce the relative speed difference between other road users and you. Yes, when running as an individual should be on the right, but as a group you become classed as a slow moving vehicle, so keep to the left.

  4. Music and headphones are strictly banned. There are no exceptions to this rule ever. Running in a group requires full awareness at all times of the environment around you and the safety of other runners around you. No matter how confident you are, or whether you run with music when you run alone outside the club.

  5. Hi-viz (reflective) must be worn when running in the dusk or dark. This is particularly important in the darker months of the year. We also highly encourage running with front and rear lights.

  6. Social Media we have a Facebook group page where our members can have a great time sharing club related posts. However, when posting or commenting, please be aware of the sensitivity of others. We will not tolerate any of the following: Trolls, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Disability Discrimination etc.

Group Leader Rules

Group Leaders need to be aware of the safety of their group during a session and this includes:-

  1. Group sizing can be no more than 15 - this is for everyone's safety

  2. No one gets left behind - ensure that the lead runner in the group loops around periodically.

  3. Keep your group running on the left hand side - where practical.

  4. Always chose the safest road crossing and not necessarily the quickest crossing. Make sure you cross with enough safe space to get the whole group across. You may need to split the group to cross if necessary.

  5. Set a route that is appropriate for the abilities and safety of your group, particularly in bad weather conditions.

  6. Ensure that none of your group are listening to music through headphones or otherwise.

  7. During the darker months ensure that everyone in your group has hi-viz before setting out. No hi-viz, no run in the dark.

  8. Ensure that runners becoming injured or ill are always accompanied on their return to base.

  9. Advise faster or slower runners on moving up or down groups as necessary.

  10. Ensure at least one member of the group has a mobile phone before setting off

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